Friday, April 8, 2011

Always Leave the Door Ajar.......

At the moment it looks like one of our locals is contemplating a break from the hobby. On a local forum he has posted up the things he has for sale and we (the forum members) are all over it like Wayne Rooney with a superannuitant prostitute. A distress sale always brings out our carrion like qualities.

However it got me thinking about people leaving the hobby and the advice I try to give them.

I had a break of 16 years from the hobby when I went to University and found rugby, booze and the way to the local Teachers’ College (women). However before I hung up my tape measure I put one of my armies into storage. When I wandered back into the hobby I had something painted that I could use right away. This really helped when re-starting.

So if you are ever looking to take a break from wargaming I’d urge you to put at least one army away for future access. Life changes and what isn’t of interest now may return in a few years and it is nice not to have to start from scratch.
Yes, figures and styles change but it’s nice to have an easy re-entry to the hobby which you can use while you paint up something more current. Who knows it might even have some “classic” value.

I’m happy to report that the local in question is doing just that – keeping his two painted armies. This is especially good given the glacial pace he paints at normally!

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  1. I think I've conned him into coming and playing some games this weekend actually haha!