Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sands Continue to Shift

A few more things are starting to emerge about the upcoming Tomb King release.

In regard to new units I’ve seen the new models in the “flesh” and can confirm that they look great. I am expecting a second wave of releases in the next few months when we’ll see new plastic Ushabti (with Great Bow option) and at least two new character models. One of these is likely to be a new King/Prince model that is at least part a swarm of scarabs and the second is a new 60 point character type called a Necrotect.

The rumours around the new Sphinx figures look to have been pretty much on the mark. The Warsphinx will be 210 points while the Necrosphinx will be 225 (cheaper than the Abomination). The Necrosphinx can give up one of his five Str 5 attacks for a Str 10 Heroic Killing Blow – in effect becoming the monster killer he was rumoured to be. Interestingly, both can gain a Str 4 Breath Weapon but I do struggle with GW’s pricing. On the more static Warsphinx it is 20 points whereas the flying Necrosphinx only pays 10 points. Value for money? You be the judge!

The Tomb Guard come with shield standard as suggested by the models which have the arm molded to the shield. Looking at the model it does appear that there is only one standard top. These are some of the nicest figures GW have produced in my opinion.
In line with the Orc & Goblin book there is a limit on magic items. Hopefully this confirms the new trend.

No more magic charges but lots of opportunity for magic movement.

Hope that casts some more light on things. Two and a half weeks to release.

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