Thursday, April 21, 2011

Horned Rat IV Comp Restrictions

A few people have asked what Comp restrictions I'll be looking to use at Horned Rat in July. Here's the system I put forward in January with a few small changes and I think it looks okay for this event:

General Restrictions

• Maximum Power Dice usage of 12 in Magic Phase (as distinct from maximum of 12 dice in pool at any time)

• Army to have no more than four (4) potential template weapons

• Army to have a maximum of four (4) warmachines

• No more than two (2) of any Special choice

• No double Rare choice worth more than 70 points

• No Power Scroll

• Only one item that automatically dispels a spell

Army Specific Restrictions

• Daemons of Chaos: No duplication of Daemonic Gifts

• Empire: Steam Tank is classed as Warmachine in terms of General Restrictions

• Lizardmen: Slaan may have maximum two of Focus of Mystery, Becalming Cogitation, Cupped Hands or Focused Rumination

• Skaven: Maximum of three Engineers

• Orcs & Goblins: Maximum of three Mangler Squigs and/or Pump Wagons total

• Vampire Counts: Only one Vampire may have Loremaster ability

Does that stuff anyone's plans?


  1. Looks great, I'm sure I speak for the other members of Team Resplendant that we appreciate the double on specials and can field double eagles too.

    Will there still be the 350 point cap on units? I like how it worked.

    Most likely rocking the Elves again too

  2. Think I run that as a guideline.....rather than specific. I'll give it some thought.

  3. All good for me either way ill be bringing something

  4. I think that blank post was mine.
    Watch out Jack, if I take Bretonnians that will be 2 units of Mounted Yeoman to flush out your fanatics and squig. Not just one very cowardly one. Bah ... Peasants.

  5. some guidance on what constitutes a warmachine please? ratling gun? doomwheel?

    also, does a bell count as a template as it can cast scorch?

    this could make a difference between the 4 ratmen of the apocalypse or the ratpanzerwehrmachtdumbkopf division.

  6. Oh-another request for the campaign rules: every person has to bring an extra 100 points allied contingent. This gets around certain members of the mixed teams not being able to use the extra 100 points.

  7. Personally I'd like to make it 2400 points but I worry about speed of play :-(

    What will happen is that each person wil be able to bring the following extra points - 100 of one Core unit, 100 of one Special unit and 100 of one Rare unit. These will able to be bought with gold. So joel they will be army specific. You don't have to bring them but they give you the opportunity for extra points.

  8. Cool. I fully support a move to 2400 point games if not now, as a goal for 8th ed tournaments/events if your looking for community input/support :)

  9. As one of the slower players, I would be very happy to have some sort of timekeeping enforcement applied to make sure games get completed in the allotted time.

    I also think that the culture we have lets slow players play slow - I can't remember ever being specifically told to hurry up or play faster by my opponent or the TO.