Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NZ Tournament Rankings

Last year I was the RankingsHQ administrator for New Zealand and was instrumental in getting the Flames of War, Fantasy and 40k NZ rankings/results onto the system.

I very disappointed that the regular update regime that I had in place has fallen by the wayside this year. At the end of 2010 I gave up administering the rankings for New Zealand for a variety of reasons; however one of them was not that the process was onerous. Since that time the NZ rankings seem to have fallen by the wayside with updates being irregular at best.

I’m not sure why that is – and I’m certainly not directing blame in any direction – however I do think it has a negative effect on the NZ tournament scene.

Rankings aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but I do think that they provide a spur to tournament attendance. No matter what people say everyone likes to see their efforts noted by a high ranking in the game system that they dedicate their leisure system to. To achieve that recognition requires participation at a minimum of three events. That can only help tournament numbers.

I certainly hope that there is a concerted effort over the next few weeks to get the NZ Rankings up to date as I know I’d certainly like to see the lie of the land after the first quarters events and leading into NatCon.


  1. I didnt realise you weren't looking after this anymore Pete. Its a pity it has fallen by the wayside as you say as improving my tournament ranking (and that of my club) was DEFINATELY a big reason in turning up to tournaments. Getting back and keeping my Best Dwarf General icon is a key goal as is earning that Masters spot.

  2. Couldn't agree more, high achievers deserve some recognition, and RHQ is about all we have to measure our successes in shoving the little critters around a board for hours.

  3. I think RHQ have been a bit distracted with the launch of RHQ-TV and their Warmachine World Leagues. It may just need more input from the local admin guys.

    it is a thankless task and if you browse some of the local forums you'll get a depressing sense of entitlement some people possess.

  4. I don't know the system involved, but I like to think a small part of my entry fee for a tournament is to compensate the TO for uploading something to RHQ. In my fairytale, RHQ don't have to do anything as it's all automated, and as long as someone is sanctioned as a TO and uploading then they can sit back with a bag of chips... I'm almost certainly wrong. In closing, I like stats, and I like seeing where I am and when to panic if someome appears on the opposite side of my table :(

  5. http://www.cityguard.co.nz/forum/index.php/topic,3226.0.html

    My registration attempts for that forum keep getting denied. Where's the love?

  6. Sent all the FluffyCon results through to Andrew.

    It's always interesting to see who steps up (or not) in the vacuum of leadership/responsibility.

  7. Excellent....well done to all those involved in lodging and updating.

    Nice to see both Fantasy & 40k taking a new look. If Wellington wants a presence at this year's Masters they need to either travel or start organising events.