Friday, April 1, 2011

If You Build A Bridge, They Will Come.....

It is going to be interesting to see if those that left the Fantasy game after the release of 8th Edition start to drift back now that new Army Books are being released. Effectively will the March release of Orcs & Goblins and the May release of Tomb Kings provide the bridge for them to re-enter the fold?

GW Game Designers Try to Address the Gap Between 7th and 8th Edition Fantasy Players

Well, the answer should be a resounding “no” but I’m guessing the reality might be a more muted “yes”, for some.

Why do I say it should be “no”?

Well nothing has changed in the game with the release of the new book(s). All the reasons they gave for walking away from 8th Edition are still there:

• Pre-measuring
• The impact of “big” magic
• The supposed demise of redirecting
• A greater potential for uncertainty
• Dislike of scenarios

So it’s hard to see how their perceptions of any of these will be modified by the introduction of the new book(s).

However, I’m guessing that we will start to see a softening of attitudes towards the game. Why? Well because 8th Edition is more fun……certainly than 7th Edition……and despite “The Sundering” it also has a bigger player pool. What will this mean? Well over time I think we’ll see the disaffected start to drift back to the game despite the “flaws” they identified still being there. In part this will be because of the release of a new book for an army that they have a part of their gaming history invested in.

But then I don’t think I was Nostrodamus when I suggested that 8 months ago.


  1. Curious on why someone would not like the pre-measuring rules (or lack thereof). Let alone enough to dump a hobby for it.

  2. It's a shame that things are in the current state they are. I know that personally, the negativity around 8th is enough to keep me well enough away from it - despite the positive comments far out weighing the negative.

  3. NZ has been mercifully clear of Rage-quitters.

    Biggest problem here is "Why Does Everyone Else Take Such Unreasonable Lists"-ers

  4. Yeah, Kiwis much more likely to just quietly stop playing.

  5. I had not played Fantasy for a few years and 8th ed was great to get back into it again. Like Pete stated in the post, this edition is 'fun' and I agree

  6. I'v played warhammer since 2nd edition and by far 8th edition is the best hands down