Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Karak Eight Peaks - I think I'll put a couch in that room!

Over the weekend twelve of us played the Karak Eight Peaks campaign that appeared in White Dwarf earlier this year. We were split into three teams as follows:

Dwarfs: John Murrie (from Stumpy Heaven), Basil Moskovis, Adam Richards, Peter Williamson

Orcs & Goblins: Ben Wadsworth, Neil Williamson, Mark Stanton, Sam Whitt

Skaven: Raymond Wallace, James Millington, Tom Dunn, Pete Dunn

The lists were 2400 points using my Pete-Lite Composition system. There were to be five games, two against each race with four three way battles for the last round.

The Skaven Juggernaut Rolls Forward Towards The Orc Lines

The battles chosen were the scenarios from the White Dwarf less Watchtower and with Battleline substituting Fighting Withdrawal (which a couple of players had a reluctance to play).

I played John Murrie’s Dwarfs in the first round and pushed both the Furnace and HPA at him, while my Gutter Runners scouted just outside 12”. I was able to take out his warmachines which let me push forward with impunity. From memory he destroyed the Furnace but it amounted to a solid win to the Rats. Each win was worth three points so off to a good start.

My second game was against Ben Wadsworth’s Orcs & Goblins. This turned out to be a close run thing. I managed to win by 150 VPs (100 VPs was the win) but a lot of my army fell to Arakaranok rage. Ben’s spider rampaged through clanrats, slaves and my warmachines but apart from a few orcs and half his Trolls he had little else left. I had my main characters, the HPA, Gutter Runners etc. So a hard fought 3 points from a player who I reckon has improved phenomenally over the past 12 months.

Next up was Sam Whitt with his Orcs & Goblins. This is a very nicely painted army and deservedly won the medal for Best Army. In this game I got lucky with a shot on Sam’s spider inflicting 6 wounds on it first turn. This forced it forward and I finished it off with warp lightning. I managed to push into Sam’s lines and was able to win a war of attrition.

The final 1-on-1 game was against Adam’s Dwarfs in Battle for the Pass. This is a classic case of “Stick to your plan”. Adam intended to deploy very deep but when one of the hills was an Anvil of Vaul he abandoned this strategy halfway through. I closed the distance fast and then proceeded to turn and hit flanks. It ran out a big win.

I’m going to leave the last round for a separate post as it was some of the most fun I’ve had plaing Warhammer.

Once all the points were added up the Skaven had run out convincing winners with 51 points. The Dwarfs were on 31.5 points and Orcs & Goblins 25.5 points. It really was great fun and the participants indicated that they really enjoyed the change of focus from normal tournament.


  1. A truly superb event.
    Hopefully a certain Mister Dunn runs something similar next year.

  2. Was a fantastic event Pete very enjoyable - the whole campaign format is a lot of fun. The 3-way Battle Royale at the end was just awesome.

    Getting well and truly Dunned in my first game wasnt a great start but a couple of rolls here, a couple there and I could have beaten you. So Ill get you next time if your willing to accept a Dwarven Grudge.

    And John Monie????

    Im a Dwarf grumbling comes natural ;)

  3. I love campaigns, this sounded like a blast.