Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Ogres Sighted

And I reckon they look really nice! White Dwarf indicates they are coming next month but these photos look like they were lifted from the Army Book.

So it looks like plastic Scraplauncher, some new warmachine, normal Rhinox and a Mastadon-type monster.

Spikey Five Bellies will roll again!!


  1. Excellent...you and I might need to talk :-)

  2. I saw them on BoLS a couple hours ago and I must say I'm impressed... I do want a new Fantasy army... hmm Vampire Counts with new toys or Ogres

  3. You can see the registration marks on the third image, which suggest it might have originated at the printers, or direct from the design document.

  4. This is the stuff I have heard about them:

    Stonehorn 1

    Stonehorn 2

    Giant Sabretusk Riders




    The giant sabretusk riders hit like a ton of bricks with a D3+1 Bull Charge and Devestating Charge as well. They cause Fear and the riders clubs ignore parry saves.

    The Scraplauncher is move and fire with a S3 large blast template that has the killing blow and armour piercing rules. The Ironblaster is essentially a Strength 10 grapeshot weapon, if what I hear is correct.

    The Mammox and the Stonehorn are a mount for an Ogre Tyrant or an Ogre Hunter. They both have D6+1 Impact hits, insane stats, cause Terror and have the Thunderstomp rule with the Mammox thunderstomping anything, including other monsters, on account of its horns (think of the Mumakil sweeping their tusks they wade through the Roharim in The Return of the King and you will get the idea of what I am talking about.).

    Kit wise the Stonehorn and Mammox are one kit as are the Ironblaster and the Scraplauncher. The Sabretusk Riders are also another plastic kit of three models. All released on Saturday 3rd of September.

    They do look and sound tasty.

  5. Man they look sweet, too bad I just bought a heap of empire....