Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Shifting Sands....ah.....Shift

The weather in Wellington was pretty bad over the weekend. This coupled with a wife suffering from a particularly vicious headcold, gave me the opportunity to paint the new additions to my Tomb King army.

I’ve decided to make one of my Sphinxes as a Necro/Warsphinx and the other as a standard Warsphinx. This should give me flexibility to see what fits the army style I want to play.

The weekend also gave me the opportunity to think about the sort of list I’d like to run. I think that the TKs are suited to a shooty/magic list with counterpunch ability. I’ve decided that I will try that as my initial list and see how it goes.

Not Mine. Mine of course is Purple and Green

At a headline level I am looking at something based around the following at 2400 points:

Level 4 with Nehekhara, Earthing Rod, Opal Amulet, Cloak of Dunes
Level 4 with Light, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Ruby Ring

BSB, Std of Discipline

3 Units of 20 Archers, Muso
2 Units of 10 HW&S Skellies
4 Chariots

4 Necropolis Knights, Muso
Warsphinx with Fiery Roar
Warsphinx with Fiery Roar
Tomb Scorpion

Casket of Souls
Screaming Skull Catapult

So what do people think?


  1. Life!? Dwellers for the win!!! You 6-dice monkey, you!

    *end troll*

  2. I just don't think Tomb Scorps are worth it anymore. They have to burrow which is just crap, and they can't even charge when they pop up. Whats the point?

    Rest of the list looks pretty standard, though the 10 man skellie units are a bit odd. Just there for redirection?

  3. What lists do you expect to trouble you, weilding this? Ever since I got Harry Dixon'd, I've been very concerned with TK, and joining them with competant gneneralship should = roflstomp?

  4. Harry is a pussycat :-). The TKs he ran were very much a 7th Edn one trick pony - and completely based on single unstoppable magic phase. *th and the new TKs stops this.

    Not sure which armies are the worst (I need to give it some thought) but off the top of my head Dark Elves are going to be very hard - but they are for most armies. I think it works well vs. Daemons (moreso than other armies). to me it is competitive as a build but that remains to be seen. Jack thinks it is boring but I think TKs are an attrition army.

    I've included Ruby Ring as I think that gives more firepower. However not really sure on the character makeup.

    The BSB for instance is there to facilitate the quick reform of the archers, nothing more.

    Any of this make sense?

  5. Yeah, I hear yah, and it's definitely my little daemon-lip that's trembling over here. I don't think it'll be boring at all, should be quite fun, you've certainly got something to do in all phases. You should play yourself actually, Skaven vs TK, now that's a report I'd love to read :)