Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming Events

Next weekend is the annual convention of one of the Wellington wargaming clubs, the Warlords.

This year I decided to run a CampaignWeekend-style tournament based on the Karak Eight Peaks scenarios that featured in White Dwarf earlier this year.

I have managed to attract 12 participants giving us four man teams of Skaven, Dwarfs and Orcs & Goblins. The format is five games so each player will have two games against the other race with the final game being a three way dance.

Games Workshop have written some special scenarios for the campaign and we are using them where possible. Armies are 2400 points using Pete Lite Comp.

Early September I’m organising a small invitational event at my home. The imaginatively named, Home-Con, will be six rounds fought out with ten participants – I can get 5 tables easily into family room and lounge. Again it is going to be 2400 points and Pete Lite Comp.

The invites have gone out and been accepted. Jack is back from Auckland for University holidays and will meet up with other members of the Dark Alliance from Horned Rat, Tim and Tom. Five participants are heading off to Guardcon in October so will relish the chance to have the crap beaten out of them before they venture north.

We’ll definitely get pictures up of both events.

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