Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Power Scroll Nerfed


In the latest White Dwarf there is an erratum completely changing the Power Scroll.

The scroll now only halves the casting value of the spell….no mention of doubles causing Irresistible Force.

Time to update Pete-Lite Comp to remove it as a Banned Item.

Well done GW!


  1. best possible result really, the fact that they looked at the change and made it sends pretty positive messages :)

  2. This is strange. Why would they do it in White Dwarf instead of in the FAQ/Erratas they already have online?

    I guess they might do it in both.

  3. They've said that this change and the new VC rules will be published online, but I would expect they'd wait until a month or so later when they've stopped selling the WD

  4. Indeed. They'll make the errata in September, I would imagine. It's the best selling WD in a looong time. The power scroll nerf is very good news. Looks like GW are paying attention.