Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hobby Nirvana

This weekend is Call to Arms in Wellington. It’s a multi-event convention run by the Warlords which typically attracts 100-150 people.

I’m running (and playing in) the Karak Eight Peaks campaign and I’m expecting to have a lot of fun. There are standard tournaments in Fantasy and 40k as well as 15mm and 28mm Ancients. I understand that there are also demo games in Dystopian Wars which will be interesting to see.

Every year CTA runs a big Bring And Buy table. Last weekend I had a clean out of the drawers in my wargaming room and have a couple of boxes of stuff I’m keen to get rid of. It’s always a bit sad when you do this as it brings into focus a number of projects you started but never finished, models you bought but you can’t for the life of you remember why and the clean out of material associated with games you now never play.

I’ve got the usual suspects in my boxes. GW products still in shrink-wrap, OOP models such as obscure Inquisitorial servitors and henchmen as well as a surplus army – well painted Word Bearers army with FW rhinos and Dreadnaughts, Legion-specific shoulder pads etc. On top of this there are FoW buildings etc. So if you come along please check out Honest Pete’s wares.

One of the joys of this event is the ability to check out other games. Usually the Kapiti fusiliers attend and bring some of their spectacular Horse & Musket armies while in the past there have been fantastic WW2 Skirmish games, pirate battles and Modern Armoured Warfare games.

Local retailers come along and it is always great to browse their stands – though hopefully I can resist purchasing material I bring back next year to sell.

All in all it should be a great hobby weekend.


  1. Pity I have to come from out of town. I've got quite a bit of stuff I wouldn't mind selling to raise some cash (damned Warhammer Forge).

  2. Looking forward to seeing ya there! So excited.

  3. St Pats College in Kilbirnie - Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am. Visitors are always welcome. If you do call in please make sure you come by and say hi.

  4. Have fun this weekend, and good luck to the Dwarves as they retake Karak Eight-Peaks. If it wasn't for Dad's 80th, I'd at least come along to bask in some of the reflected gaming goodness.

  5. Great, as I have a weekend off for the first time in months this is excellent timing!

    I'll probably stop by at some point as long as I can distract the wife aggro, just need to position some shops well to redirect the charge ;)

    I'll definately come say hi if I do make it.