Friday, August 12, 2011

Review - Nagash Immortal

I have just finished “Nagash Immortal”, the third and final book in the Nagash Trilogy by Mike Lee…….and what a fantastic series it has been.

As far as I was concerned, the first book in the series set the benchmark for Warhammer Fantasy fiction by Black Library. Prior to that, Fantasy had always been the poor cousin to 40k. However with the “Time of Legends” brand, the novels are as good if not better than their 40k compatriots. I’m not as big on the Sigmar trilogy but the Nagash and Malekith series are superb books.

So what do you get in Nagash Immortal? A continuation of the Nagash story and the rise of necromancy and vampirism in the Old World. You also get insights into the Nehekharan society and the ties that bind it together. All the elements are there for the eventual rise of the Tomb Kings.

And you get Skaven, interaction with barbarians, man’s first contact with the Dwarfs and such gems as the coming of the ghouls. I loved the chapters on the Skaven and their interaction with Nagash in the early part of the book. From combatants they form a symbiotic alliance at the expense of everybody else.

The book is open-ended at its conclusion and you know there are more tales to be told as a gap exists between the end of this book and Nagash’s confrontation with Sigmar in God-King.

The best line in the book comes from the Skaven Warlord Eekrit when confronted with a dangerous and risk task. Paraphrased

‘When confronted with risky task, the Skaven way is to find somebody else to do their dirty business”.

What a great philosophy!

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  1. I agree completely, I thought the Sigmar ones were decent but not as good as these have been, still haven't finished Nagash immortal yet (but I only started it yesterday).

    So far though it's been great, as you say all the background info for the origins of a lot of the races has been well handled.

    Haven't tried the Malekith series yet but they are next on my list.