Friday, September 9, 2011

2012 ETC Planning

I see various teams have started their planning for the 2012 ETC to be held in Poland. The English selection process is Olympic-like in its endeavour with what appears to be the full gambit from training camps to psychological profiling for Warhammer hopefuls.

The New Zealand preparation appears to be a little more low-key. From what I can gather three of the team – Dave Grant (UK), Chris Wilcox (Oz), John Matthews (US) – have indicated that they would definitely like to return. Mark Skilton (Oz) who went in 2010 is also keen for a start. From the rest of the 2011 team, the Dixons and Dave Meachen have indicated that they are interested but aren’t able to commit as yet while James Milner is likely to be back in New Zealand. The final member of the team, Mal Patel’s availability is uncertain.

So there are opportunities for other New Zealanders (here or overseas) to be part of the team – if they get off their backsides and get organised. Unfortunately that opportunity hasn’t been well-advertised with the only notice being put on the City Guard Forum (Dave Grant’s old club).

Therefore if you are interested and would like to get involved I’d suggest you contact Dave and let him know. In the past there has been a policy to favour NZ-domiciled players as long as they commit. I think this has been admirable from the NZ team organisers.

Be great to see another strong NZ team in 2011. And more importantly all those that have been in the past have indicated it is both a great experience and fun.


  1. Feels like I'm standing with the other dishevelled kids at the Bullrush team selection at Otamatea Highschool again. Fortunate to have the opportunity to apply, and I'll put that on my CV at the very least, Dan Butler - Applied for ETC 2012. As a frequent peruser of the CG forums I didn't miss it, but there'll be plenty who appreciate it being re-pointed out.

  2. Yes a definite experience to be had. Poland will also have the added advantage of being much cheaper.