Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finecast Experience

I put together my first Finecast models last night:
  • Braag the Slaughterer
  • Golgfag
  • Firebelly
An absolute breeze to put together, very little flash and no defects I could see apart from "bendy" weapons [No Charlie, I'm not talking about what Firebelly is swallowing].

It seems GW have addressed most of the previously identified problems.

Except the price - $73 NZ RRP is outrageous.

Thankfully I was able to source them from Gav at Irresistible Force so I got them 15% cheaper...arrived in three days, postage free.


  1. My Firebelly had some bubbles in his 'undercarriage', so nothing visible. However, i found that the firebreathing arm/head, were not moulded so they just fit into place, it required some heating and bending so those parts wouldn't be under tension.

    Neither of these things were a problem, i've had simlar from Forgeworld, and they are easy fixes, if required. Just curious if anyone else has found the arm/head posing thing with the firebelly?

  2. I found I had to glue arm first then bent to position head....very easy.

  3. Good to hear Pete!

    I am going to be getting some Finecast again soon for round 2, and some of the new OK range of models so I am glad it seems to have improved since the Canis debacle I experienced.

  4. Something was wrong with my Firebelly, for some reason the finecast came out so that he was cramming a giant cock down his throat.

  5. bought a lhamaen (sp?) for Wes at the gw here and honestly, i couldn't see any mis casts in the three figurw boxes I looked at. granted i didn't have a 100% clear view of the back, but i would suspect we'll see better casts from new models made for finecast.

    The real challenge will be looking at old models (librarian in termy armor, i'm looking at you) and see if they've improved those.

  6. TYVM



  7. I just put together the nurgle daemon prince in finecast and it was really impressive - however, I'm in the UK so our prices aren't as mentally high as they are for you guys.