Monday, September 12, 2011


Just wanted to thank all the readers of the blog.

Over the weekend "Fields of Blood" cracked 100,000 views!

Charlie, Jack and myself appreciate the support. Next target 250,000


  1. You're getting at least 15 from me a day, glad to help, 250k shouldn't take too long :D

  2. Hopefully I'll get back in quite soon, unfortunately work is really kicking my ass at the moment :(

    A light week currently is 70 hours, and I've been known to log triple digits for a week now. When you read about 'public servants gifting millions of hours' - it feels like the majority of it is coming from here <----

  3. Um... Charlie, the article I found was talking about "Women" gifting the hours, so... is there something else you want to tell us? :)