Monday, September 5, 2011

Homecon Lists

Here are the lists for Homecon this weekend:

Ben Wadsworth (Warriors)

Glen Burfield (Warriors)

Jack Dunn (Empire)

Joel van de Ven-Long (Empire)

Neil Williamson (Brets)

Pete Dunn (Skaven - Boo, where are the TK's?)

Peter Williamson (High Elves)

Sam Whitt (Warriors)

Tim Norling (Warriors)

Tom Dunn (Daemons)

So it's a real Warrior-fest, with an alliance of Empire, Brets and High Elves forming to fight the forces of Chaos. It also seems like the Skaven were lucky enough to get caught in the middle of the fighting!


  1. As a defender of the faith of Sigmar, I welcome the Chaos hordes and the chance they give me to spread the faith and give them a chance to atone and seek forgiveness at the end of a cannon, flail or halberd. Only the righteous will be spared, and even then only if they flee from the field of battle.

  2. Assuming that Tom's Herald of Tzeentch has Shadow, I can't really see anyone touching him... I look forward to hearing tales of 10+ Nurgling Bases popping out of Marauder blocks all weekend. Hope you have enough models, Tom. :D

  3. Geez and I thought I was being different playing Chaos instead of my High Elves ;D