Thursday, September 1, 2011

Would You Like Fourteen Big Macs with Your Ogre Character

I checked out GW’s Advance Orders yesterday to get my fix of eye-candy. I’m now wondering whether GW has finally “jumped the shark”. The new Ogre Kingdoms characters are great models but NZ$73 (US$62) each for a Finecast character may just be a price point too far for a lot of people.

The models are fantastic – I’m assuming the Finecast launch problems have been resolved – but $73 for a single Monstrous Infantry model. Really GW? Really?

Let’s put this in context shall we? That model pays the wages of a GW Redshirt here in New Zealand for over five and a half hours! Put another way you can buy yourself a Big Mac twelve fourteen days in a row.

Yes it’s always been a hobby with a certain entry cost but I can’t help thinking that Little Johnny just had the door slammed in his face.


  1. I saw these prices last night and immediately started costing out a VC army using Mantic models.

    The price point is to high. I find it hard to conceive how new blood will start playing GW systems with prices like these.

  2. I think it's great, it'll revitalise the proxy conversion old Ogre revitalisation market. We're going to see amazing recreated visions of peoples interpretations of the new Ogres.

  3. The big mac perspective is an interesting one, you'll know better than I, but it's quite offten a method for comparing different countries relative economies yes?

  4. It would be interesting for people to price the new Firebelly Ogre Kingdom Finecast figure in terms of local Big Macs.

    The NZ number is 12

  5. Can't resist ;)

    Current prices worldwide as of a month ago.

    The US retail price of the firebelly is $38, which is 9.3 local Big Macs

    UK price is £22.50, or 9.4 Big Macs

    For reference, the NZ price on the index is $5.10, which puts us at 14.3 Big Macs based on their data.

    It seems we are still getting screwed

  6. So in other words a firebelly should be $48 NZ or 65.7% (basically 2/3rds) the current price.
    2/3rds current RRP is a reasonable price to pay imo

  7. I must of fallen for the old "Do you want fries with you dozen Big Macs, sir?" line

  8. The bit where you said that the door had been slammed in little Johny's face, immediately followed by the bit where Vulkaan started looking at Mantic undead, made me think about what GW has (unwittingly?) done.

    If it's too damn expensive to buy the whole starter army from GW, won't future players look to Mantic, Avatars of War and others to bulk out their armies? GW pricing has left a big void, and given the number of rank and file needed for 8th, I think those Mantic army deals will be the way to go for any little Jonny savvy enough to use the internet.

    I'm fairly certain that GW don't want this, but their policies have created this gap. Mantic's miniatures range from unacceptably bad (Elves) to poor (Dwarves) to not bad/pretty good (undead and Orcs) in my opinion, but tastes vary. And given that they're a fraction of the price, many might shrug their shoulders at the quality differential, and go with the el cheapo version. With Mantic figures seeming to get better with each release, maybe they won't have to put up with much of a difference after all.

    Avatars of War have only one plastic regiment released, but those Slayers are fantastic. I cannot see GW beating them on price. Possibly on quality, maybe (they are that good) but not on price. AoW are the place to go for Slayers. Rumour has it they're looking at Witch Elves next...

    I'm not a businessman, but I just can't see why any intelligent bunch of executives would give potential rivals oxygen like this. I think that most players would still round out their Mantic rank and file with Arachnoraks, Wyverns, chariots and the like. But AoW, Banelords and others also producing many good character models, so there are other options to choose if that $30 Finecast Lord is too much for you.

    I think GW still make the best figures, though AoW are pretty close. But are they pricing themselves out of their own market?

    Ultimately we all want GW to be a profitable venture, so that they can continue to market and develop their awesome games. But I'm not sure that they're going about it in the right way.