Friday, September 9, 2011


This weekend is Homecon at Chez Dunn. Ten players, six games.

Interesting that there are four Warrior lists. Two of these have the Puppet, the other two no puppet. Now I hate the Puppet with a passion – but that because I play Skaven and it attempts to keep me honest…..or at least restrained. The two WoC players with no Puppet are playing at Guardcon in October and the TO there has banned it….go figure. It is one of the last things I’d ban as it acts as a restraint on all us “six-dice monkeys”.

Looking at the WoC lists that are on show I’m going to pick only Tim’s list to go Top 5. There, I’ve said it. Let’s see if I live to regret it.

Outside WoC, the three lists that I have most fear are the two Empire lists and the Daemons. In particular, I’m wondering how anyone will take down Tom’s Great Unclean One or go through either of the Empire’s three unbreakable units.

Of course I’ve left out the two Williamsons. Peter is excellent with his High Elves and I’m expecting an updated lesson at some point over the weekend. Neil’s Brets are a mystery to me….he seems to have packed a lot into his 2400 points.

So it could be a very difficult weekend being a rat but as they say in Skavenblight “Squeek weqk Eieee Skrit!”

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  1. I predicting myself to just have some fun. My WoC list is simply to see if I like them enough to buy my own ;)