Friday, September 16, 2011

Channelling Kilgore

Worth mentioning that I open the door to go get the paper this morning and there was a nice big box of GW goodies.

Two Stonehorn/Thundertusks, two Scraplauncher/Ironblaster and two Gardens of Morr…..the recommended retail price is $518.

Thanks to my supplier they were delivered to my door for $322 or 62% of the local price.

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning… smells like VICTORY”


  1. Is that Irrisitable Force you mentioned a while back? I've tried to order from there a couple times but items have been out of stock when I tried to order them. (A box of stormvermin & a WLC was the last attempt, both out of stock).

  2. No not Irresistible Force....unfortunately they are tied to the draconian Oz/NZ pricing

  3. Ahh yeah the pricing is out of control over here, well I'm fortunate to still have a UK bank account & address.