Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fantasy Rumours

Hat Tip to Tronhammer for the following rumours:
  • Next few army releases will not be Bretonnia and Wood Elves as it has been assumed, but Empire, Vampire Counts and Dwarves.
  • Empire model releases include Warrior Priests for most of the Empire's gods, a War Altar/War Wagon set, and Monstrous Cavarly in the form of Demigryph riders.



  1. Cheers for the shout out - for those interested, the discussion is here;

    Harry and Darnok are renowned for quality rumour mongering.

  2. Harry just second guesses everything these days. Last year he said it was the year of cavalry and blood bowl would be released! The GW police have done a real good job on shutting down leaks. I'm not sure you can treat these rumours as having any more strength in them than the previous set. I don't really mind what they release, I just want them to pick up the pace a bit.

  3. Yeah, I try not to get too excited, but I read about the many TK releases on that board, as well as the naval board game several months ago so they've done well by me so far :)

  4. Hooray and hazzah to all of those - Empire and VCs for myself, and Dwarves because my mate will FINALLY stop grumbling about having a 6th ed book