Friday, September 23, 2011

Pretty Quiet Weekend Ahead

Hoping to get a game in with Tom this weekend – that’s if I can tear him away from “Gears of War – 3”.

He’s been quietly working away building a Wood Elf list and I am keen to try out the Tomb Kings. I have one final figure to paint – Tomb Herald – and the new Archers, Sphinxes and Necropolis Knights to base. No idea how the Tomb Kings will go but looking forward to find out.

I’m also going to break open the new Ogre kits and make them up. Decided to go one Stonehorn, one Thurndertusk and two Ironblasters (I already have Scraplauncher).

And finally, there is a real treat this weekend. The third Thanquol novel is out. I understand in this he crosses paths with Ikit Klaw.

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