Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review - BaneLegion's Flint-Fang

Last week I decided to order one of the new BaneLegions models produced by Maelstrom Games. I had previously purchased one of their BaneLords miniatures – their Verminkind Standard Bearer – and I was very happy with the model. I felt that it painted up well and so was keen to see what the larger models looked like.

So introducing Flint-Fang. I purchased the model as an alternative to my twin-maw blind wyrm and my recently sourced Forgeworld Brood Horror. And you never know when you’ll need three Hell Pit Abominations.

I ordered the model last Tuesday evening and it arrived in my letterbox just after five days later. That is astoundingly fast given Wellington is 12,000 miles from Mansfield. It came very well packaged in full colour box with various parts separated into two crush proof bags and packed out with bubble wrap.

The resin is certainly harder than that of either Citadel Finecast or Forgeworld. It is a dark greenish grey in colour. There was minimal flash but there were quite a few pouring lugs that needed to be removed. This was easily done with a set of clippers and a craft knife.

Mould lines were minimal – a very small one on the tail and a more visible one through the rib-cage. Again they were easily removed with a knife. One small criticism is that whereas GW have become masters at concealing mould lines on their most recent models, here the ribcage mould line was very visible and definitely required removal.

After lugs, flash and mould lines were removed I had a dry run at putting the model together. It comprises body, two arms, two heads, tail and four spikes with ears. There were a couple of gaps between the heads and torso (similar to what you get with Forgeworld) but these can be easily filled with the new Liquid Green Stuff.

Overall I’m very happy with the model and it will certainly provide an alternative to my current HPA. Expect it to hit the painting table in the next few weeks and I’ll get some pictures up shortly.

Urge all Fantasy players to check out the range at http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/


  1. Yeah, i really like some of the models they produce, would have got some apart from the not sending to NZ anymore. Obviously you have found a way round it.

  2. @Sam They are only not allowed to send GW models around the world. Any other games system or manufacturers and of course their own stuff is fair game.

  3. Oh yeah thats true, brain fail...

  4. Happily Maelstrom also have a 25% special on the Bane Legions miniatures range at the moment as well.. bit of gnashing of the rat fangs over the timing of that one Pete?

  5. I got 18% Phil so I'll let them have the extra 7% :-)

  6. Really nice models, but are there any german retailer for it?