Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skaven Dice

I recently had some Skaven Dice made for me and had a few extra produced in case anybody else wanted some. They are Chessex 16mm dice with the universal Skaven symbol instead of "6"

Happy to let them go to fellow rat brethren at my cost plus postage in lots of 10.

Let me know if you are interested by dropping me an email at


  1. Pete,
    How much for a set, and will you post them over to Sydney?

  2. Hello Pete,

    I am very interested in buying 20 of your dice.
    I'm from France
    I send you an email.


  3. Hey, was just wondering if you have any of these left or know where I could order some from? I've just started getting into playing Warhammer but I've been a Skaven fan for many years, since my brother loaned me some of his Warhammer novels many years ago. I started looking for a perfect set of dice to match my new Skaven army and I've fallen in love with these. I have my first game with my new army in the morning, can't wait to try it out.