Thursday, November 3, 2011

Loaded Dice II - This Time It's The Golden Daemons

Last month I was speaking to the guy who had broken the story about the Australian gamer who had been caught using loaded dice at numerous 40k tournaments in Melbourne.

He told me to hold tight for Round 2 of the sorry tale. Well it has now broken across various forums/blogs. You can get a full rundown at

Not content with using crooked dice, the individual concerned has now alledgedly been exposed as having entered work commissioned from a Polish painter, Bohun as his own at the recent Golden Daemon painting competition at Games Day Australia.

Here are the photos of the entry and photos of the originally commissioned work*.

Games Day Australia Entry

Work Commissioned from Polish Painter Bohun

The Two Dreadnaughts Side by Side

Interestingly, the guy entered the event under a false name rather than his own. You draw your conclusions as to why he would do that.

From my point of view it is pretty hard to fathom why someone would feel motivated to go down such a route.

* Thanks to Chest of Colours where photos were lifted from


  1. The guy just doesn't quit. He must be very well known for all his indescretions, it's surprising he is still on the scene at all.

  2. Same thing happened at the Chicago GD in 2009 again commission work from Poland too, I believe.
    here's is my less polite take on it from a few years back..
    good luck its a jungle out there.

  3. I personally find this so more offensive than the loaded dice incident - what a frakkin douche of epic proportions. The poor bugger who put in their time and effort and at the time will have not received a GD because of this.

  4. "From my point of view it is pretty hard to fathom why someone would feel motivated to go down such a route."

    It isn't hard to fathom at all. He is obviously a prick with crippling self esteem issues.

  5. I have tried and tried but I just don't get it. what is the bloody point!! as Wallacer says crippling self esteem issues.

    Oh and definitely a prick!