Monday, November 7, 2011

NZ WHFB ETC Team Announced

The New Zealand team for the ETC 2012 in Poland is:

Dave Grant (Captain - 3rd cap)

John Matthews (3rd cap)

Chris Wilcox (3rd cap)

Mal Patal (2nd cap)

Dave Meachan (2nd cap)

Dan Butler (1st cap)

Locky Reid (1st cap)

Rowan Keating (1st cap)

Mark Skilton (Non-playing coach & reserve player - 2nd cap)
Out go the two Dixons and James (Kenny) Milner and in come Australia-based Oz Top 10 Player Rowan Keating, Locky Reid (Wellington) and Dan Butler (Hamilton).
And the appointment of Monty as non-playing Coach - great initiative and selfess testimony to Monty.
Good luck guys.


  1. Really glad to see no Kenny, as I believe it's because he will be BACK THE FUCK IN NZ by then! Yayyyy, finally.

  2. What do you think of the team this year Pete? You were quite excited about this year's team but this post is cold and 'announcement-y'

    You think we've got a chance?

  3. It wasn't meant to come across cold.

    Here's what I said on the Cityguard forum:

    "Looks strongest possible team guys

    Dave Grant - Winner 1st NZ Masters
    John Matthews - #1 NZ Player - 2009
    Chris Wilcox - Top 10 Ranked Oz player
    Rowan Keating - Top 10 Ranked Oz Player
    Mal Patel - #1 NZ Player 2011
    Dave Meachen - Returning ETC Player, Top Ten NZ 2010
    Locky Reid - Top 5 NZ Player 2011
    Daniel Butler - #3 NZ Player 2011

    Pretty hard to argue with the make-up. Gets my stamp of approval.

    Well done to the guys and the selectors."

    Compared to this year's team, I'm not sure. I believe that over the past 3-4 years the two Dixons have consistently been in the Top 5 NZ they will be missed.

    However Mal and yourself now have ETC experience and I think that is important.

    The biggest challenge facing the team is the dispersed nature of the team. it doesn't allow the necessary practice days - together - that other teams have.

    As always, I'm happy to organise a couple of HomeCon events to get the NZ players (and Oz based if they want it) experience together as a team.

    Locky, Dan, Mal, Chris and Rowan could get practice vs. James M, Joe and three locals -possibly aspirants - to get some team time prior.

    Happy to suggest it on the TWF if it is useful.


  4. I've mentally factored in at least 3 internal flights before ETC for practice, ideally coordinating with long range events, but not necessarily. Build the comraderie, get the practice, and the goodness shall follow.

  5. Sorry Pete, tongue was firmly in cheek there. Maybe some sort of emoticon would have helped. Need to take my own advice.

    You're spot on with the analysis.. The distance between us makes it much more difficult for us than for most teams, but we can overcome that by being very vocal online and doing what we can in person. I think having as many experienced members on the team as possible is a good idea and ensuring that we give experience to more players, especially in NZ, is critical to future success.

    You're right that Harry and Joe will be missed, they are excellent players, but I think neither of them was able to attend? (same with James I think). I'm very happy to be asked to return and think we have a very strong side that will be far more organised than last year and hopefully that will play out in the results.