Monday, November 28, 2011


Last week I wondered into my local café to pick up one of the many fixes I pour into my body.

It has recently changed hands, previously being a café cum specialty chocolate shop. On the wall they had a shelf that they had used to display chocolate blocks and my thought processes suggested it would be great for wargaming figures. When I ask them where they got it they indicated that they were getting rid of it as it was no use in the café. Spotting my opportunity I offered them $100 for it and on Saturday I picked it up.

Here it is on the wall of the Dunn-geon carrying its new “product”.

I’m really happy with it as it lets me rack up about 4-5 Fantasy army and have the units available for games.


  1. Nice mate, very jealous, I have armies appearing in many cupboards/available surfaces, nothing so handy :(

  2. hmmmmmmm i think us tronhammer folk need more to do at work than view blogs lol, very nice rack there pete, i feel sorry for you that your not much of a zep fan though

    -Jimmy Page

  3. Always time for a boob joke on one's lunch break Jimmy. Life lesson in there somewhere.

  4. Nicely found Pete, you are ever the opportunist.

    More importantly though, does this mean Rosa is gone? Or is this another shop?

  5. Ciocco, by my work has been replaced with Mulberry Garden!

    But - insert second double entendre - it's a great bit of wood!

  6. Envious, most men have man caves you have a Dunn-geon :) I would have thought you would have a over flowing rack but it looks like you need it a bit fuller with more plastic :O

  7. Just discovered your blog during a search for something else online. This is a fantastic find! I have something similar, but it's metal instead of wood. It works well enough for 40K models and terrain, but I really like the look of the wood as a backdrop for your Fantasy Models.