Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Fantasy News

Okay first the new Mangler Squigs:

And courtesy of Warseer the big news is confirmation of Vampire Counts:

- they are coming January (100% now)

- mortis engine/coven throne (unsure if this is final name) - plastic kit. apparently HUGE. we may be talking arachnarok base for this thing...(edit: thinking a bit more about it, it will probably be a chariot base like the sphinxes; but i think these things will be bigger than your average chariot from what ive heard)

- wraith riders/black knights - confirmed dual plastic cav kit

- monstrous infantry unit (unsure of name) - plastic kit. has option for wings. adding the wings is probably a unit option and may not be a completely separate unit.

- new finecast krell model

- black coach is indeed getting finecasted


  1. Sorry, don't like manglers much at all.

  2. Yeah all of these new monsters have been pretty uninspiring. The Mangler looks stupid with one on top of the other like that, I was expecting two side by side spinning each other round (like 2 Fanatics chained to each other).

  3. Willing to bet a lot of money most people who get that mangler squig kit will just make 2 manglers with just one on each base. They look retarded on top of each other.

  4. It will be interesting to see if they will power down the vampire counts book to the same level as the tomb kings and other 8th edition books. Or keep them at their current level.

  5. and with GW prices, 2 for the price of one is pretty much a fair price...

    Will buy it because you can't have too many manglers (or pump wagons...) unless you are playing under pete-lite (or even worse ETC/7th ed)

  6. Apparently the Mangler(s) are 50 euros for the pair, which is the same as the Monolith, so thats about NZ$130! The Jabberslyth is the same price too. This seems a bit ridiculous really, even if you get 2 of them

  7. mmmm

    ok maybe I WON'T be buying it ha ha