Friday, November 18, 2011

NZ Fantasy Masters - Meet the Contenders - Part Three

Now the final part and here’s where the smokies are!

Tim Lind – ranked #21 and holder of the Empire Icon
I really like Empire armies especially under ETC comp. Now I’m hoping Tim is more original than most Empire players “My army is Nuln-themed, except it has been joined by an Arch-Lector and his crew of flagellants”.

Solid tournament year from Tim to date and if he can make the top half of the Masters at first run then I think he should be really happy.
Prediction: Thinking that a top half finish will be a stretch particularly given the modified Line of sight rules

Henry Poor – ranked #23
Another first time Masters participant. Henry steered the Greenskins into 2nd at Fluffycon. The opposing armies will be harder here and it will be interesting to see if he can improve on his other mid-table results.
Prediction: Form says bottom half but I know he will be the neutrals’ favourite.

Ryan Simister – ranked #66 but 2009 NZ Masters Champion

Unheralded in 2009, Ryan swept to the trophy in one of the tightest finisher yet. Last year he crashed to earth as we saw how difficult it was to defend the trophy. He’ll go back to his Lizards this year and we’ll see exactly how cold-blooded he is (see what I did there?)!

Prediction: No form going into the event. I’m going to predict he’ll crash and burn again (as much to wind him up as anything).

Joe Dixon – ranked #67878987 and owner of nothing.

Harry’s little brother – and fighting to get out of his shadow. Ask him late at night and you’ll get “Hates him, I do”. Joe jets in from overseas (no not Nelson) to give an international flavour to the event. He tells me he hasn’t played since august but I know that he and Harry sit up every night on Vassal playing e-Warhammer. Should Joe and I get drawn against each other Joe will hide in a corner happy to take yet another 10-10 draw.

Prediction: Top 5. Let’s not kid ourselves

Peter Dunn - ranked #5578967873270654444444 and falling!

Too old, too slow! Crowd favourite.

Phil Comins – ranked even lower than me!

Another international jetsetter flying in for the event. Not sure he’s played a game of 8th

Prediction: Golden Daemon is fourth door down on the left


  1. I know its not good reality-Blogging, but I am genuinely looking forward to meeting all the people I haven't yet (smashing them under daemon hooves)and strengthening community ties further.

  2. Oh, chaoswolf is from the Tron? I look forward to hearing your chlymidia stories.

  3. Good luck to all players. The masters is a really fun competitive event. Wish I could get back there again, just need to get my ass to more tourneys I guess.....and play better.

  4. Thanks Pete. Err 7 games.

    If someone other than me finishes last I'll happily offer to lend them the jezzail I picked up and show them a private spot to use it on themselves and their army (its guaranteed to misfire).

    Oh and I hear the TO is taking bribes as to who gets some easy points from playing me first!