Friday, November 18, 2011

NZ Fantasy Masters - Meet the Contenders - Part Two

Continuing on with the field:
Daryl Painter – ranked #11 and holder of the Dwarf icon

I’d like to give Daryl the benefit of the doubt, I really would. Unfortunately investigators show he is a Serial Dwarfer. I suppose it could be worse….hey, let’s not kid ourselves, it couldn’t. Beware this man took Dwarfs to five tournaments in the last twelve months. Imagine how many innocent lives he has shattered.

Prediction: All Dwarfs gravitate to the centre.

Jeremy Brown – ranked #12

I don’t know Jeremy but I know he plays VC. That means he either has a Twilight fetish or he’s like a giant squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that looks like fun (see comments re Basil and VCs above). I’m hoping he likes Twilight.

Prediction: Depends on his list but if net-list Vamps then 7th to 11th

Antony Kitson – ranked #15 and holder of the Brets Icon.
Hands up who thinks Antony will bring Brets? Anyone with arm extended is wrong. I’m guessing he’ll bring either Dark Elves or possibly borrow an army from elsewhere. The Brets were good – but that was when we were worried about the Y2K bug and sub-prime was TV3.

So why will Antony bring Dark Elves? To right the blot on his copybook when he let some visiting Englishman slip past him in the last round of the 1st Masters. Watch it Mal, he won’t let it happen again.
Prediction: Top 3. Worse case he’ll finish 6th.

Glen Tibbles – ranked #16 and holder of the Beastmen icon
So which Glen Tibbles will turn up? The cranky old man that strikes fear into any whippersnapper or the faithful old hound that rolls on his back and let’s you scratch his tummy. Rumour has it that Glen is breaking out the Tomb Kings for this event so hopefully it’s the former rather than the later. I’m expecting lots of Monsters regardless.

Prediction: Honestly don’t know. Could push the top five or fall into the bottom three.

Nick Irvine – ranked #17 and holder of the Wood Elf icon

I’m not fooled by Nick’s five year façade in dominating sports scores. I know that inside that body is a WAAC gamers waiting for the opportunity to rip somebody’s face off. Sadly Nick, this isn’t it. I could make all sorts of derogatory comments about Wood Elves but being the only VC player ever to lose to Beastmen, I’m too smart for that.

Prediction: Soft scores won’t save you here Nick.


  1. I'm crushed Pete, just crushed :)
    If you've got any suggestions for a Wood Elf army that is going to not get smashed at this event let me know.... so I can do the opposite... you have to be obstinate to still be playing Wood Elves after all!

  2. lvl4: beasts, scroll, ICI 280
    BSB: La, HODA, Abane 132
    19 GGuard: m, sb-flame 256
    2x10 GGuard: m, sb 276
    2x10 GGuard: m 252
    2x5 Scouts 170
    4x8 Dryads 384
    2x5 Wildriders: (m) 260
    2x6 Waywatchers 288
    2 Eagles 100

    Something like Joel's list which is Bad Dice based

  3. You must check the shooting restrictions ol'rat meister. Them Elves canny take that many twangers. MSU is so 7th edition ;)