Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Earth is Flat!

Okay after upsetting everyone yesterday by posting my opinion that there was a large disparity between the strongest and the weakest of the Masters 40k lists, today I turn my attention to the Fantasy lists.

These can be found here.

The TO this year decided to use the ETC restrictions for the Fantasy competition. I applaud him using hard caps as it removes the subjective part of the equation, though the ETC restrictions are towards the harder end of caps I like to play under.

So what does this mean? Well a couple of things.

Firstly, the lists are far more even in strength than was evident in the 40k mix. I think that there are approximately ten lists of similar strength and six lists that are grading weaker from there. That's good for a Masters event.

Secondly, the ETC restrictions reward very defensive builds. The ETC is probably the most overtly defensive event in the world with teams trying to score on average 13 points per game. As a result builds are designed not to give up points and that is pretty reflective in the stronger builds here. This is compounded by the de-fanging of the magic phase by limiting the effect of "big magic".

I expect that a lot of games between the top players will fall in the 7-13 point range.

For my own list I decided to go more aggressive. Normally under ETC restrictions I should be using a Bell list. This allows me to pour my points into the unit and if threatened in the last couple of turns, present my rear and rely on Unbreakable.

However that doesn't strike me as a great deal of fun - nor would that style of list give me the opportunity to push for big wins. Masters events are normally won by Battle Point scores sub-80BPs. This is because all players have theoretically earned their place at the table AND all lists are designed to be as strong as possible within the restrictions.

Therefore there is two ways to approach it - look for 6 wins or 4 big wins plus moderate losses.

For this event, I haven't played a lot of players so I'll be trying to chance my arm (where appropriate) rather than try and grind an overall result. That gives me the best opportunity to be in the mix - and if I'm attending then I aim to be contending! The target I'm looking for is 72 Battle Points which works out at 12 per game. How I get there is going to be the interesting part.

Looking at all the lists and taking into account what I know of the players, I'm picking the following podium:

1. Joe Dixon (WoC)
2. Antony Kitson (Ogres)
3. Mal Patel (Lizards)


  1. I agree that if you want to solidly win the event, you have to take the games by the throat. One of the thing that infuriates me about fantasy et all is this acceptance of "oh we're just going to mill about and kill a handful of models each and someone will walk away with 9 points and the other 11 - it was a good game, aren't the close ones always good?".

    No. The close ones aren't ALWAYS good - especially games where the two of you might as well have stood at the end of the table and given each other a dutch rudder (Dwarf players, I'm looking at you especially).

  2. i disagree a little i think its more going to be who assesses risk the best, assess your position in the pack and what kind of wins you will need to get there taking into account whether its a bad match up for your army or not, how much of a bad match up it is and whether taking a near draw will hurt you or not

    Jimmy Page-

  3. Agreed - I'd much rather see a bloodbath than watching sharks circle but never sink their teeth in. But then, this is a highly competitive tournament event - not a Friday night beer-and-pretzels light-hearted garage game - you'd expect (hope?) everyone attending has assumed a similarly strategically oriented mindset.

  4. Hmm. I dont rate that Ogre list at all compared to some others in the field. I think the results will be more like:
    1) Mal Patel (LM)
    2) Joe Dixon (CW)
    3) Basil Moskovis (VC)
    IMO the Ogre list is illegal having armour on the Slaughtermaster anyway (grey area)

  5. Just going to put my hand up from the peanut gallery, but what's a Dutch rudder?


    Adam (Dwarf player)

    And now you understand what a horrid and crass individual I am, apologies :)

  7. I'd like to pass judgement but its kinda hard to really say anything, given hardly anyones bothered to put which magic lore they're using... and that makes alot of difference these days.

  8. James

    Ogres - Maw & Fire
    Lizards - Beasts
    Lizards - Shadow & Heavens
    Vamps - Necro & Necro
    Vamps - Necro & ?
    Dark Elves - Shadow & Shadow
    Beasts - Beasts
    WoC - Heavens & Fire
    Skaven - Ruin/Plague, Plague & Ruin
    Orcs - Waagh
    Empire - ?
    Wood Elves - Athel Loren
    DoC - Shadow
    DOC - Slaanesh, ? & Tzeentch

  9. note we did put our lores but they wernt copied over from the lists

  10. Thanks Pete,

    Well my thoughts then:
    Joe - unless he draws the Doom Divers, I just don't think anyone can stop that.
    Dan - Good Daemon list + Shadow + Siren Song.
    Mal - Someone's finally gonna Pit the Scarvet bus and knock him off the top.

    with James as my Darkhorse, due to the Mindwazzor!!! factor

    All of those lists can happily push for big wins in good matchups, and fight for a small win/draw in bad ones. Alot of the other lists rely on the opponent running at them to get points (Dwarves, Empire, Orcs, Skaven, Wood Elves, Vampires) and while I can't see them losing big, they won't win big either...

    I'm happy to be proven wrong though!

  11. yussssssssssss dark horse thanks meals