Monday, July 7, 2014

Miniature Monday - Bits & Bobs

Given the "Wall of Sound" that continues to be our family room - my mother is still staying with us - hobby is largely limited to when I'm watching the World Cup. This tends to rule out miniature painting.

However I've used the time to work on a few outstanding jobs.

First I completed the bases on my Slaaneshi chariots.

Next I've built up a heavier base for "Bitchface" the Frostheart Phoenix. Here I used offcuts of Iron Halo "Valhalla" resin bases to give some weight and filled the gaps with polyfilla.

One it dries I'll give the filler a covering of sand and rocks, then paint it up.

Finally, last week I showed my new Sarissa Trays. Here I've started painting up some for ETC giving me some formation options.

They need some sand and static grass added, which I'll do this week.

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