Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seerlord Morskitta at Panzershtreck

As noted earlier in the week Panzershreck was held over the last weekend and provided an opportunity to give my ETC list a hit out now that it is finalised.

Game 1 - John Murrie (Dwarfs)

John managed to blow up my Bell on Turn 3 but by that time I had cleared out his support units leaving only the three blocks. I concentrated on one block - Hammerers - leaving the two Warriors relatively unscathed.

Win 16-4

Game 2 - Mike King (Beastmen)

Mike is now known as the "Black Swan" as he took a Beastmen army to an ETC event - there are no Beastmen in the 256 armies at this year's event. In this game I concentrated my shooting/magic on the Ghorgan (I deployed my Gutter Runners) and managed to take it down creating a hole in the middle of Mike's lines. This inspired a series of Panic Tests which saw a number of supports give up the ghost. Mike was unlucky in that his big Gor unit failed 3 Panic Tests over the course of the game making them largely ineffective. I managed to clear up chaff and also destroy the 6 man Mino unit and BSB.

Win 19-1

Game 3 - Greg Greenfield (Dark Elves)

Greg had a list based around a Black Dragon, Peg Rider, DR bus and Manicore rider. It is the type of list - multiple T/S and breath weapon - that Skaven don't like. We traded points early on. Greg got lucky when his Dragon survived two Str 10 WLC shots without a wound. I received some luck when I got an out of turn move on a Doomwheel into Greg's big Shades which failed Fear Test. In the end I picked up Manticore (Bell charge) and all but one Corsair to push it slightly my favour.

Win 12-8

Game 4 - Sam Whitt (Dark Elves)

Game was effectively settled when Sam's Sorceress went down a hole Turn 1. I then had magic dominance and used it to good effect. Picked up Witch Elves, Cold Ones, CO Masters over 2-3 turns while holding DR bus at distance. Cannoned off Peg rider who was in combat with Slaves. Solid win based on Sam's early bad luck.

Win 16-4

Game 5 - Peter Williamson (Wood Elves)

Deployed in corner to neutralise Peter's mobility advantage and then turned game into Battle for Pass. By start of Peter's Turn 2 he had one of eighteen Wild Riders left - Magic plus he left me a WLC flank shot. From there I just worked on picking up points while not giving too much away. I sat in middle of table to maximise magic range. Didn't wound Unicorn :-(

Win 15-5

Game 6 - Joel van de Ven-Long (Empire)

Going into last round I was12 Battle Points clear. However picked up my worst possible match - Life Empire. My plan here was to minimise the loss. I deployed Bell last hard on board edge and made run for far corner using terrain to screen from cannons. One Doomwheel took out two units of Knights, Gutter Runners got cannons and other Doomwheel got into protracted fight with Steam Tank. Other than that I fed Joel chaff, chaff and more chaff. Then warmachines. In the last turn we swapped Doomwheel and WLC for Stank and game ended a draw with my Bell cowering in Joel's deployment zone corner. I was happy.

Draw 10-10


So I had five wins and a draw picking up 88/120 Battle Points. It was enough to pick up 1st Place. My last four opponents all finished in Top 8 with Sam, Joel and Greg finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Nice to get some practice in. Thanks to all my opponents for fun, challenging games

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  1. I enjoyed our game Pete I always get something out of them. 4pts for me was generous considering you had very low numbers of power dice each turn. Wish I'd picked yr brain for advice on how I could have done better. Will have to next time