Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WIP - Sisters of the Thorn Stags

Having not done much painting last week if took the opportunity of the football and cricket to start on my Sisters of the Thorn.

The stags are the easiest part to paint and so I started with them. Managed to get the base coals and first levels of highlights done quite quickly. They just need to have some highlights done on the main fur, the faces highlighted and then I can start on the Sisters.


  1. Did you find the riders a bit fiddly to put together?


  2. I like the more natural colours on these stags rather than the white blue numbr GW painted them in.

    Does the unit champions mount get a red nose?

    How do you find the new eyes for painting?

    1. Yeah I wasn't a big fan of the paint job on either the GW SotT or Wild Riders. I'm also looking to blend them in with my existing WEs which are autumn colours.

      Eyes are really much much better than they were for painting.