Friday, July 11, 2014

Panzershreck Predictions

Okay, it is a regular spot....predictions before a local tournament.

This week Panzershreck is in Palmerston North - like a rundown part of Mordor for overseas readers - and they are using ETC comp and rules.

As expected this is a bit of an Elfpocalypse and being in PN the usual assortment of Dwarfs have crawled out on their bellies. So here are my picks:

#5 - Hamish Gordon (Empire)

Some days when I'm really really bored I wonder how Hamish wrote lists before the invention of the internet. But then I realise that talking about pre-Internet only makes me look more old and grizzled. However I am pretty sure Hamish just went to The Google and typed in "ETC Empire List" and sent the link to Jeff.

#4 - Joel van de 3rd/4th Playoff Match (Empire)

I always pick Joel and he always disappoints me. Last time he was really really close but still only got an "Almost Achieved". Still being a defenceless rat and due to the silly ETC big spell modifications not being all-embracing, it is his list that I am most afraid of. I fought it to a 10-10 at Horned Rat VII but I'm not sure I'd do it again. And I don't want to try. At ETC this is a big big red for me (and given I'm Captain that will be a bus I'll miss).

#3 - Sam Whitt (Dark Elves)

Got sick of having the snot beaten out of him when playing Tomb Kings and has called out for his "Cuddly". Now with the Dark Elf security blanket under his arm and thumb in his mouth, he'll snuggle down in the comfort of 3rd Place (hopefully denying Joel his podium).

#2 - Greg Greenfield (Dark Elves)

The new boy. An economic refugee freshly off the boat from across the Tasman, Greg was part of the winning team at the NZTC. Being Australian, Greg will not be short of confidence and I am fully expecting an enjoyable weekend of Greg telling us how good he is. Alternatively, if things don't go to plan, how unlucky he was.

#1 - Dan Butler (Warriors of Chaos)

The weight of a nation are on Dan's shoulders. But they are broad shoulders. while he won't have his wily ETC Captain directing him into the best possible matchups, he should have too much hammer for most of the people in the field. I am expecting him to back up his First at Horned Rat VII.

Of the rest you know that Peter Williamson will be taking the early loss and then using his Sunday games to try and navigate himself into 3rd or 4th. It was great to hear him bitch and moan at Wrath & Ruin when he was pushed down the table by all the surfacing submarines.

Mal Patel will be on his coat tails trying the same thing. Indeed it will be interesting to see who successfully pilots "Das Boot".

I could talk about the three Dwarfs - but I won't.

And as for myself. Well apart from being too old and too slow, the chances of steering a Skaven army into a podium position amid all the Elves, WoC and Empire are so slim to be incredulous. I'll just be happy being Top Skaven and know that when I look in the mirror I can say "I only ever ATE the Cheese".   

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