Friday, July 4, 2014

Panzershreck Lists Are Out

Panzershreck lists are out and you can download them here

It is an ETC event next weekend in Palmerston North - a city described as so boring that time just forgot it.

Still the introduction of 20 cosmopoliton gamers - some who have cats with shark suits - will no doubt shake the place up.


  • Dark Elves - 4 (who'd have thought)
  • Warriors of Carnage - 3 (colour me surprised)
  • Dwarfs - 3 (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......zzzzzz)
  • Empire -2 (net lists r us)
  • Ogres - 2 (it's 2014 guys)
  • Lizards -1 (bet he's suffering from Tetto-deficiency)
  • High Elves - 1 (PEG)
  • Wood Elves - 1 (so six people get to nail a unicorn)
  • Beastmen - 1 (getting in so he can't be labelled a bandwagonner in the spring)
And one brave, possibly senile Grey Seer, travelling with the burden of an outdated book in a scary new world. Be brave little Grey Seer, be very brave.


  1. Bring the shark suit for Jeff, he's about the same size as Nurgle :D

    1. It's not the size of the war gamer that's what he can do on the table...

    2. You're in trouble then, my gigantor amigo

  2. The most disturbing thing in there is the 6 people nailing a unicorn. Is the simultaneous or sequential?

    1. 3 per day by the looks of it and you're limited to 2 and a half hours so make it quick.