Thursday, July 3, 2014

Internet Tuesday - Mierce Monstrous Mount Kickstarter

Yeah, I know it is Thursday but sometimes that annoying thing work gets in the way (well that and the arrival of Nurgle the Cat's Shark Suit).

On Tuesday Mierce Miniatures announced their fourth Darklands Kickstarter. This is a very small scale campaign called "Monstrous Mounts". I supported their first Kickstarter and was extremely happy with both the product quality and the service delivery associated with that campaign.

This one only runs for two weeks but is already funded and has reached the first of its stretch goals. I thought it was interesting and pledged, snapping up one of the Earlybird slots last night (just a tip - the Earlybird slots show as all gone but if you check back periodically you'll see them come up reasonably infrequently. Snap them up when you see them).

What is cool about this is that it is for Monstrous Mounts and they'll fit into various armies.

I suspect GW may take a look at this model. Seems very close to Thundertusk but it may be a generic Ice Age monster

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