Friday, July 4, 2014

Magnetising Sarissa Precision Movement Trays

Like a lot of people I use Sarissa Precision for my movement trays. Not only are they a good product they are also incredibly economical. I recently purchased one 10 x 6, one 11 x 5 and 6 1x 5 skirmish trays all for NZD 42 including postage (roughly USD 36). Check out their website here

One of the big advantages is that they come in two pieces - top and bottom.

The are made of laser cut mdf and are very easily magnetised. I use Rubber Steel from Gale Force Nine. It comes in a packet of three sheets with an adhesive backing. The NZ cost is $17 per pack.

The best thing is that this sheet can be easily cut by scissors. You mark out the size of the bottom sheet and then cut it and stick it on thus.

It is then a simple matter of putting PVA on the top and sticking it to the magnetised side. Because you are effectively making a sandwich - top: sheet: bottom there are no gaps.

And here's the finished tray. Ready for painting or for flocking. 

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