Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Seal Reprise

So following my post regarding the 40k Masters’ lists and the variance of opinion with most participants, was I right?

Were the lists taken the fabled “Baby Seals” I labelled them? Well as far as I saw, pretty much. Certainly I don’t think that there was a level playing field. The three lists I identified – Charlie’s Space Wolves, Doug’s Grey Knights and Jack’s Dark Eldar – were the three strongest lists there.

Jack and Charlie finished 1st and 2nd respectively, having played each other in Round One. I do think Charlie’s list was probably the better all-round list but Jack’s list was optimised to fight Charlie (who he correctly identified as the best player there) and was paper to Charlie’s rock. However Jack was clearly paper to Doug’s scissors. And that’s the meta that Jack needed to play to win – beat Charlie and hope he could get a result versus Doug.

For me the other thirteen lists (with the possible exception of Hagen’s IG) were all susceptible to these three lists. Obviously it is difficult to state that conclusively as luck and player skill comes into it.

I was surprised Doug didn’t do better but I’m sure he will have learned a lot and be back stronger (in terms of experience) next time.

I also suspect that we’ll see the Baby Seal lists start to show the vestiges of Walrus tusks and 4++ blubber saves.

With No-Comp lists will get tougher. However that doesn’t mean you have to take a net-list to win. It just means you’ll have to play better to tread water though.

And a big thumbs up to Daniel Hayden for his T-shirt “Club Sandwiches Not Seals”.

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