Friday, December 16, 2011

From Ratties to Fatties.......

On Wednesday night I had my first game with the new Ogre Book. I had to proxy my Ironblaster and sabretusks – mine are unpainted – but pretty much had the rest of the army.

The list I used was as approximately:

Slaughtermaster – Death, Greedy Fist, Armour of Destiny (Yes Jervois I am that evil)
BSB – Heavy Armour, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Speed
Butcher – Level 2, Maw, Fencer’s Blades

9 Bulls – FC
8 Iroguts – FC, Std of Discipline
2x 3 Leadbelchers – Muso
3x 1 Sabretusks
3 Mournfang Cavalry – FC, Heavy Armour, IF
3 Maneaters – Stubborn, Scout, XHW

Played against Locky with his BT-led Daemons. The game ended with me up about 150 points. Locky picked up the Maneaters and the Ironblaster in the last turn to pull it back – I actually thought he was ahead.

However I thought I’d give some of my initial impressions:
  • Ironblaster looks an interesting variant on the war machine/monster hybrid
  • The internet rage is Death and Greedy Fist. I didn’t have Caress but after one game I can see myself swapping my Slaughtermaster to Great Maw.
  • Toothcracker is a killer spell. The ability to boost it is game-breaking especially when it can be stacked with other spells.
  • My Butcher will probably become a Firebelly. More versatile.
  • List needs Earthing Rod and scroll. 
  • Potential swap of unit of Leadbelchers for more Maneaters
Really enjoyed playing them as they are very different to the rats. How different? Well I had less models in my army than I had in a unit of Slaves last weekend.


  1. It's very wonderful how most men are amused by toys especially those that are some kind of an army. They even collect them and dedicate one room in their house for them.

  2. Played against the Ogres (Joel Henry's) for the first time at the weekend. Those ironblasters are very nasty. IMO, the biggest thing they have going for them is that they can move and fire - great for making sure they get the first shot in a cannon-off.

    Andy P