Friday, December 16, 2011

Review of the Year in Fantasy Podcasting

Almost at the end of the year so I thought I'd give a review of the various Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts I've listened to over the course of the year.

Upfront it is important to acknowledge that these guys do this out of love rather than for financial gain. That said, most offer a "premium" service that you can sign-up for getting extra content but in reality it is really just a donation to their costs. I will generally always sign up if I regularly listen as I appreciate their efforts.

So let's see how they've gone:


The grand-daddy of the warhammer podcasts. These guys pretty much gave it away in mid-2010 (around the time 8th Edition came out). They continue spasmodically into this year with Jeff Carroll and a new co-host completing their trip to Adepticon.

The level of fantasy dwindled to pretty much non-existent and the show appears to be in hibernation. That's probably the best place for it as the hosts lost their enthusiasm for the game and the last few episodes appeared a chore.

Jeff deserves enormous credit for launching Fantasy podcasting to the masses back in 2007.

World's End Radio

Another podcast that has been going for a number of years. This year the release schedule slowed to a trickle and the focus changed more to alternative games.

I still listen but it is another one that is showing its age. I don't expect we'll see a much greater output in 2012.

Still a very prolific podcast that has its moments. This year I think that its output has suffered in comparison to previous years. The best episodes are where they go outside the three regular hosts for view on the game. In particular, I've found Bryan Carmichael brings a fresh perspective to armies and play that's not always evident from Wayne, Dan or Al.

Given that we had three new Army Books this year I probably expected more from the show than it delivered. While it's always a comfortable listen I believe it does need a refresh and I'd certainly like to hear more from Bryan and believe it would benefit from the return of Russ Veal.

Bad Dice

Still by far the most insightful of all the podcasts though it did suffer a body blow with the loss of one of the co-hosts, Ben Johnson mid-year. Ben Curry is clearly one of the top 2 or 3 players in the UK and has fresh and insightful comments on not only the game but also the tournament scene.

As noted the output is not as strong since Ben Johnson left but the show has added new regulars, Mark Wildman and Gareth Dicks. I think that it works best when Mark is there without Gareth (his partner) as there is more focus on Warhammer and less bickering between the two of them. At times it can sound like a cross between "Are You Being Served?" or "Carry On Camping".

However if you want strong wargaming analysis this is the best podcast to listen to. I hope Mr. Johnson returns soon.
The Black Sun

A new kid on the block, now up to its 15th episode. Irreverent, and at times pretty suspect, where it works is the breadth of its cast and the armies that they use. This means that there is less repetition and it is possible to get a broader perspective. Obviously the delivery might not be to everybody's taste, however I think that lurking beneath the "Jackass" showfront is some pretty good analysis of the game from a group that is progressing on the UK scene……e.g. Dom Hook's recent podium.


  1. I would love to add to this list as I am a prolific WFB podcast listener!

    Personally I find the UK podcasts like Heelan hammer to be quite negative for the most of the time so that ultimately put me off them (as someone who enjoys the hobby it's a bit much to listen to over and over). Podhammer fell under that umbrella too.


    Although not presented by top-ranking tournament players, this US podcast is a stand-out. Highly entertaining and engaging, with some excellent informative features and good ol' fashion hobby enthusiasm. They have a variety of guests, and have regular output (even releasing a separate podcast for other games like Warmachine and Mallifeaux). I really loved their summary of Tamurkhan. Very long episodes which I love.


    Lot's of cussin, these guys are consummate hobbyists and competitive gamers as well. Well worth a listen as one of the most well-regarded shows among the other US podcasts I listen to.


    One of the first from the US 'scene' they also had to cancel the podcast this year, but still run an active blog. The last three shows had great features on Adepticon and other US tournaments.


    Another great show that sadly seems to have pettered out after 6 shows. Hope they come back! I still post on their forums from time to time.

  2. Heelanhammer is still my fav and i really like the input from the other fellas like Al and Bryan,but i do miss Mr Veals 2cents.

    BadDice is my second fav,but its lost alot of it content with ben leaving and while i don't have any issue with MR Wildmans input i do get very anoyied at the Graeth fella jumping in with all the faggy comments and as you said, him and Mark bitch at each other all the time.I have stopped my snakeyes membership because i'v had enough of the gay banter .

    The Black Sun.....well what can i say about this...Its a trainwreck of a podcast and i only listen to it when i'm after a cheap giggle.

    Podhammer is the other pod cast i listen to and i love that all 3 of the hoists aer very good painters and sculpters,so i get heaps from that.Its also cool to here our warhammer is played in the USA.


  3. I've been a fan of Podhammer for a long time, but have to agree they seem to have lost all real interest. They went off and made the show more about other games, when with a brand new edition and new army books/supplements there was so much to focus on in warhammer. There has been so much happening in the game over the past 12-18 months and no single podcast has really picked up and gone with it.