Friday, December 9, 2011

A Very Old Dog!!!!!

So the NZ Masters tomorrow.........

With work I didn't manage to get any games this week. So I am going in very very raw.

This will be the first event for me since last year's Masters and I am really looking forward to it. As I've mentioned previously I don't agree with the "Wildcard" inclusion but I'm hypocritical and selfish enough to take advantage of it for my own enjoyment.

So how do I think I'll go?

Well I am very impressed with the strength of the lists. The majority look like "Masters" lists in that they are built around points denial. In over half of the lists you will be doing very well to get more than 400-600 points out of them. That means I can see a lot of 12-8/11-9 results over the course of the event. That said, there are a number (3-4) of "Baby Seal" lists where it would be possible for a good player to score more points. Because of that this event will be very draw dependent. Typically if you score 80 BP over 6 games at a masters event you podium. In particularly balanced events 75 points can win it - so every point counts.

I've looked through the lists and have a clear view of which ones are good matchups and which are bad for my rats. Four good matchups would give me a chance, four bad ones will rule me out - put the same holds true for everyone.

I think it is always good to be realistic in your expectations. It helps you form a tournament plan and puts pressure on you to perform. My target is Top 7 and I'd be absolutely stoked to go Top 4. A bad draw would push me down to 10th but I'll be very disappointed if I place in the double figures.

Check back monday and see how I went of follow me on Twitter over the weekend at @peterdunnnz or check out #NZMasters


  1. Look forward to going over the list and matchups and strategies AFTER the event :D 5am start for us of clan Tronhammer, on the road before 6, and up to Orcland. Hopefully it's not gridlocked at 7am on a Saturday.

  2. No events since the last masters? "Wildcard"? Doesn't that mean you're competing in yet ANOTHER masters you're not supposed to be in Pete? ;P

    I think your approach/overview is sensible and probably about right. It looks as though there's a few lists there built to play for those draws/close wins and they likely won't do as well as those that can get the 20-0 when needed or when the dice gods turn on them.

    Good luck to all involved. I wish I could be there...

  3. im sure you can teach a few of us "new dogs" some old tricks pete

    -Jimmy Page

  4. You'll be right Pete,i'm sure they have wheel chair access to the venue.Just remember to empty your colostomy bag before the games begin and turn your hearing aid up

    Best of luck Darren

  5. This is my second Masters Dave - though I have qualified every year but this one :-p

    Last year one player pulled out the day before so I stepped in and....well I whipped your butt, if I remember rightly :-)

    Darren - They say 70 is the new 30!

  6. James and Dan - i'll give you a pass this weekend. You don't have to call me Mr. Dunn :-)

  7. appreciate it pete

  8. Thankyou sir, I mean Mr.Dunn, I mean ..ppp..Pete sir :D

  9. Good luck Pete and all involved. Have a great weekend guys.