Monday, December 19, 2011

"We'll be in Moscow by Xmas" (and Other Bold Claims)

The Games Workshop embargo of the southern hemisphere has been in place now for almost seven months and as I previously noted this has really changed my GW buying habits.

I reckon I’d be lucky to buy 40% of what I previously used to buy from the company and of that only 25% (10% of previous spend) comes from the local shop. So from what they were getting from me it looks like GW is a loser – and Maelstrom Games and Wayland Games are the big losers. I’m struggling to see it as anything but a “lose-lose” situation – manufacturer/retailer/customer.

What I was thinking about was Wayland’s boast at or about the time of the boycott that they had a workaround that would take a matter of weeks to implement. I think that we can confidently say that that was at best false hope on their part. Seven months on I think if they had a solution it would have been in place by now.

So, in effect, this is our reality - along with Australia the most expensive GW prices in the world. I am waiting with baited breath to see GW financials for the region when they come out in a couple of months – as it feels that Australia especially has taken a body blow.

Here in New Zealand we are maintaining tourney numbers but there is the constant trickle of the “disaffected” away from GW’s product to that of other companies.

I wander into GW only rarely these days, normally to pick up a new army book and magic cards. Today I ventured in and picked up the latest Horus Heresy novel and the Fantasy novel “Age of Legend”. What really struck me was the lack of blisters on the shelves (in part a function of FineCast) and the number of “Dreadfleet” boxes on show.

The next set of financials are going to be a very interesting read.


  1. Plenty of the "target demographic" in the store when last I looked.

    My gut feel is that the sales will increase locally, relative to previously... The implosion of Europe will be the scapegoat for any decrease in profits there.

    While the financials will be a good read, I just don't see anyone being able to say "I told you so" with enough numbers to convince a GW "who just don't want to hear it".

  2. Yeah, I get the same vibe Pete...
    It doesn't help this has coincided with going back to Uni, but regardless I refuse to pay their astronomical prices. The cost to value is no longer viable for a kiwi.
    I'm currently looking at all sorts of third party alternates and using up any models I have sitting around. The only purchases of GW brand product have been Horus Heresy and Gaunts Ghosts novels.

  3. Yeah disappointed on Wayland's claims. Better to deliver more than you promise rather than the other way around. My spending on GW models has dropped to zero, but thankfully I've been in the hobby long enough to play with what I've got and still enjoy the game. The extent of which the new VC and Tau books expect me to purchase new models will determine the fate of the hobby for me. Not likely to ever stop playing, just the purchasing of models behaviour. Still buying models since the embargo, just not from GW. Majority of my VC that I did not already have from years ago are confrontation and mantic models. 60 Ghouls, 40 Skeletons, several Necromancers and Vampires, etc. The entire army cost me less than 5 Blood Knights would cost at present ($194!!)

    Eagerly awaiting the next financials also, will be an interesting read.

  4. If the War Store is able to ship to NZ, I wonder what is holding Wayland up?

  5. I'm not sure American retailers are allowed to ship to NZ.

    I wonder what the situation is with eBay though?

  6. American retailers are fine shipping to NZ, but the shipping rates are pretty high.

    I had the same reaction about Wayland a few months back, and the reply on their Facebook page said that they still intend to service us, but they are having to build new premises to action the workaround, and there were delays involved with that. Still disappointed not to see this so far though.

    I have to say I'm still buying GW stuff though (just picked up the fortress and siege stuff), though maybe not as much army stuff, I'm, kinda still hanging out for the Wayland solution. The other Tron guys have rellies in the UK which helps.

  7. Ebay stores are they way to go for the time being.I got 4 boxes of Mournfang cav for $28.80 US each and paid $18 US postage.Its around %50ish of NZ GW costs

  8. What little purchases I made from local stores due to the already astronomical prices have just been moved to ebay stores. The warstore and miniature market both say they cannot ship to me for whatever reason. However the GW rep tells the local store sales are up 40% locally. If that is true the embargo will never lift

  9. Yeah the demise of buying online from the british websites has seen my buying no new models from GW stores this year. I have actually brought most of my new models in last two years off trade me, getting an Ogre army and a Space Wolves army. Though the recent purchase of a new house has me looking to sell off surplus armies (Ogres, Orcs, Tau and Space wolves) and concentrating on just painting and playing with my high elves and dwarfs and not getting any more models.


  10. From the Wayland FB page in respone to RoW customer query;

    "WaylandGames: It's dependant on the move to the new warehouse guys, which should happen Q1 2012."

  11. At the rate they are going... Wayland seem to be growing the tree's first to build the "new warehouse" from. Very environmental of them I must say.

    Since the "embargo" I've not spent a cent with GW - and like Pete I used to spend a lot. I did buy a large skaven army just prior to it though.

    Whereas once I bought every new army book, the cost here can't justify me doing that anymore and hence the murky underworld of .pdf downloads has become my friend instead.


  13. All the growth was one off royalties from THQ for Space Marine

    Revenue didn't grow even with the price rises - supports GW's view that the price rise was warranted to maintain profitability.

    So core business stagnant - better than the drop I was expecting