Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skaven FAQ - Headline News

GW released an updated FAQ for the Skaven yesterday. Here are the highlights/lowlights as far as I’m concerned:

Characters in Slave Units

Q: If a character joins a unit of Skavenslaves, can you still shoot at enemy units in combat with the Skavenslave unit? (p36)

A: No.

That’s how I’ve been playing it for the last three months after it was pointed out to me. Nice to have it in black and white now. Makes the naked engineer less of a no-brainer (or alternatively makes the Skaven player think things through).

Template Versus Bell or Furnace

Q: If a template hits a Screaming Bell or Plague Furnace being ridden by a character, how is this resolved? (p42 & p48)

A: It is resolved as per the template rules in the Shooting at Ridden Monsters section on page 105 in the Warhammer rulebook.

For example: a Rock Lobber hits A Screaming Bell ridden by a Grey Seer. The central hole is over the base. As such a D6 is rolled to determine who takes the Strength 9 hit. A 4 is rolled and so the Screaming Bell takes the Strength 9 hit while the Grey Seer takes the Strength 3 hit.

In the past because Bell and Furnace are “Unique” their Army book rules for allocation of hits overruled the Rulebook. This FAQ changes this and means that the model now takes multiple hits.

Crack’s Call

Q: Is the 4D6” line from Crack’s Call a template? (p78)

A: Yes.

This is a mixed bag for Skaven. Characters will now get a “Look Out Sir” (negative) but ridden monsters will now test on every part at their own initiative rather than a single test at high character initiative (positive).

WLC and Multi-Wound Models

Q: If a shot from a Warp Lightning Cannon does not kill a Monstrous Infantry/Beast/Cavalry or Monster model does that shot stop? (p68)

A: No. All models are still hit.

This is a huge clarification that I argued based on wording, and feels good to get after the other changes Always thought this was the case but nice to have confirmation.

Plague Banner

Q. Do the Plague Monk crew on the Plague Furnace benefit from the effect of the Plague Banner? (p110)

A. Yes

Again I always thought they did. Other people had a different view.

So mixed for the Skaven. The biggest negative and positive is Crack’s Call ruling.

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