Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend's Hobby

Over the weekend I based all my new Tomb King models and now all I have to do is add static grass and the army is largely finished.

I do have a Hierotitan and Herald to paint but then that’s it for the Tomb Kings. I’ll try and get them done over the holiday break.

The other thing I did over the weekend was to sort out what I want in my Ogres. I managed to sell off two boxes of Mournfang Cavalry and replaced them with an order for three Forgeworld Rhinox Riders. I already have three painted so this will give me more options.

I have made up one Ironblaster and have undercoated it ready to paint. I have a second Ironblaster but this is pretty much surplus to requirements as I can’t see too many events let you run two. So if you want a cheap Ironblaster still on the sprue let me know and I’ll work out a cheap price.

A quick reckoning shows that I now have about 5000 points of Ogres so some time in 2012 I’m looking to get them all on the table in some form of mega battle.


  1. A mega battle eh? Is this some sort of WHFB apocalyptic type game? I'll want to know if you get past two turns ;) :D

  2. Likely to finish it before you finish a 1850 point game of 40k