Monday, December 5, 2011

More Rocky Than A Philly Meat Locker

Over the week I’ve managed a couple of games with the Skaven in the leadup to the Masters.

The first of these was against Tane’s Dwarfs where I was able to grind out a 300-400 point win. When I say grind out what I actually mean is that I was able to exert some early pressure and due to a failed panic test after a Doomrocket shot, one of his large Warrior blocks exited the table. I continued to push forward but lost my Furnace so then started a ‘tactical withdrawal’. This largely worked as I was able to pull back most of my army with little further damage – though the Plague monks wore some hurt on the way back.

My second game was against Ben with his Dark Elves. I thought he had a great list – Lvl 4 Shadow, Lvl 1 Fire, Cauldron BSB, Pegasus Pendant Guy, Spearmen block, 10 crossbowmen, 2x Harpies, 25-30 Corsairs, 20 Witches, 20 Black Guard, 2x 5 Shades and a Hydra. You can pack a lot of DE goodness into 2400 points.

In this game I was able to consistently snag points through the battle, while giving up very few. The Abom say off a depleted Black Guard after a hairy moment where he had to survive a Stubborn 8 roll. The WLC finally (he has been a disaster in recent games) did something – taking 4 wounds off a Hydra which was finished off by a block of Slaves who then rear charged the Pendant Guy. Mr Pendant had got cute and charged the WLC. Apart from that the battle was really about the ineptitude of my gutter Runners who failed to get any points. The upshot was a good win to the Skaven but a less than impressive consistency across the army.

I put this down to the new set of Skaven dice I’m trying to break in before the weekend. There performance to date is less than stellar but I’m hoping I’ll have them trained by Saturday.

Thanks to Ben and Tane for the games. I’m hoping for a runout versus Tom’s Daemons tonight and then a final run versus last year’s master, Raymond Dick on Thursday.

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  1. Good work agains the DE, I lost my furnace and a good chunk of Monks to a bloody POS, Brass orb sailed off target, Doomrocket didn't do much, but my WLC was trained directly under Nuln, and fragged a Hydra in one hit, and continued firing rounds till the end. How do you find going against Shadow yourself?