Monday, May 7, 2012

Horned Rat V Results

As you'll be aware Horned Rat V was this weekend here in Wellington. The event attracted 30 gamers from as far apart as Auckland and Invercargill (top of the North Island to the absolute bottom of the South for the geographically challenged).

The Umpire, Raymond Dick, did a fantastic job and set new standards for organisation. The mechanics of the event went without a hitch - one walkabout player turning up late on Sunday morning excepted. I'm pretty sure that with these organisational skills a life as a project manaager beckons!

There were 5 games (100 Battle Points) which were converted to a score out of 70 and 15 points each for Sports and Painting both checklists. Everyone scored max for Sports (which was great) and there was  minimal differentiation in Painting (25 people scoring max) which were the behaviours being encouraged - make an effort to paint your army to tabletop standard and don't be a tool. As a result your Battle score largely reflected your placing.

Best Sport - John Murrie

Best Painted (Players' Choice) - Sam Whitt

Best Army (Umpire's Choice) - James Millington

Best Newcomer - Bo Patterson

Sam's army was fantastic. He had made Bull Centaurs out of Bloodcrushers and had a MacFarlane figure as his Kadai'i Destroyer. Certainly was a deserved winner - by what I suspect was a landslide.

Looking at the results, it looks like something is stirring in the jungles of Lustria. All four Lizardmen made the Top 10. each was using a single Slaan but with different make ups.

Thanks to all those that travelled to the event and thanks to the Wellington community for supporting it. And thanks once again to Raymond for putting up his hand to run it.


  1. Well played sir, look forward to the reports to follow! I see your LoLgres are making a mess of everything they touch, have you issued some sort of "I am the only Ogre in the Village" commandment for your region?

  2. Only two Dwarf armies the shame...

  3. I think the best thing about this tourney is that everyone scored 15/15 for sports and there was 21 different people nominated for best sport!

    Has the time come where we can drop soft sports scores all together and just have a best sport award?

    1. Personally I don't think it does any harm having Sports Scoring included. It acts as a reminder as to expectations of behaviour.

    2. Like "Can put on his own pants" award?

    3. Well you just need to see the problems with UK's CTW to see what can happen with no Sports involved.

      I don't see what problem the continued inclusion has

    4. No I don't follow them. But I agree there is no issue keeping them in. If everyone gets them great! But its there if need be.

  4. A great event, Raymond umpired it extremely well and Petes terrain was fantastic. Great to see a lot of new faces and different army builds. Sam's Chaos Dwarfs were amazing - but as a Good Dwarf player I still find them a bit iffy, although I thought Pets Ogres and Tim's Tomb Kings looked fantastic as well, and Stu R's conversion work on a couple of his Minotaurs was really good. Not surprised Peter W did so well results wise.

    Rather shocked to win Best Sports very nice to get thanks to everyone who voted :)