Friday, May 25, 2012

NiCon Fantasy Lists

The lists for NiCon have been released and you can download them here

A quick race breakdown:

Wood Elves 7
Skaven 4
Warriors of Chaos 3
Lizardmen 3
Vampire Counts 3
Ogres 3
High Elves 2
Empire 2
Dark Elves 2
Chaos Dwarfs 2
Tomb Kings 1
Orcs & Goblins 1
Bretonnians 1
Daemons of Chaos 1
Dwarfs 1

So all the races sans Beastmen. Very pleasing so see that all but one person has decided to act responsibly and not take Dwarfs.

Seven Wood Elves!!!! Tree-hugging is alive and well in Auckland, it appears. Imagine what would happen if they got a new book!

There are some interesting builds there.

For the record I'm taking Skaven - and the first thing I checked - there are no Puppets listed in the WoC lists!


  1. Chaos Warrior to Chaos Lord "Excuse me sir, I can't help noticing that you're about to turn into a rat and I would just love to take your place". Somewhere a little Horned Rat cries.

    1. I'm pretty sure it doesn't say that in my rulebook. Still we have ways of getting to R-A-T

  2. Last time it was over 9000 Chaos Warriors
    Now its Tree Fairys
    Next time it will be Dwarfs =P

    1. More likely Tomb Kings....I understand that they are easily abused. Just takes a little creative thought.....and 90 archers :-)

    2. heh. Not me, I only use 80 =P

  3. Bit of a shame that the Puppets banned. Skaven get away scot free, like they do in every comp system ever, in the history of the world.

    Will be interesting to see how all the Woodies place anyway!

  4. Painting up an extra 50-80 rats for my opponents.

    It would be great if the Umpire hadn't shafted the 13th Spell :-)

    Still we'll work with what we've been given. Needs must.

    How come Warriors get away with everything?

  5. My opinion coloured slightly by Dan IF'ng 13th twice in turn 1 at TWO. Eurgggh.

    Pete, thoughts on the Ogre Deathstar?

    1. Impossible to get points out of in 6 turns....Hope someone Gateways him.

    2. Rune maw banner cancels out magic attack doesn't it?

  6. Pete!! Only 1 Ironblaster available so its back to the Rats Huh?? LOL

    1. It's called cutting your cloth to fit the pattern Sam. Essentially I have alternated Ogres-Rats all year. Aim is to get both RHQ Icons by year end - just to destroy the dreams of Locky and Dan. Small things like that amuse me.

    2. My Icon is elsewhere... I'd say the main thing stopping you from getting even more icons is lack of tournaments to accrue points :D

  7. Replies
    1. But I'd have to play them Sam :-)

    2. lol

      (edit: I typed more with anti post-bot defences than my actual response)

    3. I don't know pete, you have the natural demeanor of a dwarf player... bwahhahah

  8. Pete, there's no link to the lists in your article.. Mind sharing one? After some of the discussion here I'm interested to see what everyone is talking/worrying about..