Monday, May 14, 2012

The New GW Paints

Over the weekend I had my first chance to really use the new GW paints. Previously I had used a couple of the dry paints to paint spectral highlights on my Mortis Engine, but this was the first time on a traditional model.

Well colour me impressed!

I am halfway through painting up the Gamesday Skaven Warlord (thanks to John Matthews of Battlefront for getting it for me) and the new paints are very very easy to use. I painted red robes on the model and one coat each of the new base colour – Khornate Red and Mephiston Red – gave me phenomenal coverage and great depth. This was enhanced by a wash of my existing Baal Red wash.

To finish the robes I have highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Mephiston and the dry paint Kinderflame and then used Kinderflame as the edge highlight. The rat flesh was east with the base flesh colour and wash then a highlight of Dwarf Flesh. I intend using a second highlight of 50/50 Dwarf and the dry paint flesh.

Even on this single figure I can see these new paints speeding up my army painting immeasurably.

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