Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Hobby feat. Pete's Bits Emporium

I had a bout of manflu over the weekend and didn’t get anything like the hobby I wanted to get done.

On Saturday I had a game against Mike using our NiCon lists. I’m pretty sure that our dice sensed the impending dose of sickness I was to be afflicted with as they were atrocious. Mike had two turns where his Slaan failed to cast the first spell he tried causing him to forfeit the rest of the phase. He also had a Stegadon die which caused a block of Saurus and a Skink unit to flee off the board.

I had my Doomrocket misfire for the second time ever (I note your concern) and in a combat where Mike’s Salamanders and Skinks air-balled my Skavenslaves rolled eight “1”s and two “3”s for their attacks. Over 50% of my artillery dice rolls were misfires and when rolling six dice at Plague I managed 15 after adding in the +4 for my Seer. It really was one of those games. Just shocking rolls – both ways.

The good thing is that I have obviously got it out of my system ahead of Nicon and so next weekend my dice are going to be on fire. I feel I should apologise to my opponents now given how good they are going to be.

Hobby-wise I tidied up some of my Skavenslaves and re-based some weapons teams. I also re-started work on a Doomflayer that has stayed half-finish on my desk for the past six months or so.

However, the big thing I did was start to clean up my surplus bits. For years I have sorted them by race and kept them in separate containers. This has led to a massive requirement for storage. This weekend, accepting that a large number of projects that I had planned are never going to occur I started going through the boxes – keeping models I wanted – and putting all the bits into a single 40k box or a single Fantasy box. My intention is to bring these to local events and people can take what they want. There’s lots of crap in both boxes but maybe there is the odd gem people want e.g. 25 Lizardmen standards, 200 Skaven shields, Steam Tank cannon and wheels, Orc lobber crews (x2) etc. Similarly for 40k, I have vehicle and infantry parts from most races that people may find useful. From now on as I finish building models I’ll look to re-stock the two boxes.

I hoping people will find the boxes useful and take advantage of them to track down models/bits they are after.


  1. I suspect it wasn't so much the dice rather than you can't think clearly when you have a cold. Normally you would have plan B and even C ready in case things go wrong, but when your brain is fuddled you can't get think through the backups and tend to think of one thing at a time.
    At our last tournament I had a throat infection that was steadily getting worse. The two games on Sunday I got routed and it wasn't until the Thursday after the tournament until I started to realise all the plays I could have made.
    My biggest lesson was a game of 3rd Reich I played against Peter. I caught him on the hop by an early invasion of France through Germany and was close up on Paris. But, I failed to push my air forward. Peter punished me and was into Germany in Summer 1940 and I could not think how to react.
    God knows if we are really safe driving.


  2. No it definitely was the dice

  3. In that case, I hope you soaked them in some disinfectant ready for the weekend. Or don't if you plan to cast plague.