Friday, May 18, 2012

"There Will Be Blood" - Tauranga Edition

Up north this weekend the Tauranga Gaming club are holding “The Wandering Orc II”. The event has attracted around 16-20 people, is 2400 points and interestingly is “No Comp”.

I understand the lists vary from Nails to Newborn Seal Pup so it will be interesting to see the outcome. Hopefully it won’t result in any new gamers being put off tournaments if they take a warm bristly muzzle to an axe fight. I’m all for clubbing baby seals however my idea is more to buy them a few drinks and ask them for a dance.

As they say in the shark pool….It’s all fun until someone loses a limb, then it’s lunch.

Personally I have no problems with no comp events as long as everyone knows what they are in for. The problem comes when people have different expectations as to what they are signing up. Hopefully the TO has told all participants to bring their big boy pants.


  1. Got my pants! I'm going for the beer though.

    1. I hope the Clanrats you'll give me to replace my Warriors are nicely painted!

      Charming photo by the way Pete, you just upset my poor girlfriend who was reading over my shoulder! :D

  2. Heh, sorry I didn't have enough spare to cover all those warriors mate :(